Website updating made easy!

For a LIMITED time we are providing our software FREE!!
Angry Dragon Technologies is in the early stages of development of a new product that will allow businesses to update their websites using simple easy processes and reduce costs.

A business website is only as good as the content provided.  It is important to keep your website current by providing information that is pertinent to the customer and updating images as necessary.  Unfortunately the process of keeping a website current can be expensive both directly and indirectly.  Updates typically involves paying someone to update the website content as needed or spending hours to learn how to do this yourself, along with the additional time to make the updates.

Here at Angry Dragon Technologies we are working to dramatically cut the cost of maintaining a website's content.  We are doing this by providing simple easy processes at a fraction of the cost.  What used to take days or hours now can take minutes.  Need to change the information on a page?  It can be done using simple easy interfaces that require no Webmaster skills.  Loading images now can be done in less than a minute, with no image resizing required.
Since we are still in the early stages of development we are seeking businesses that would like to partner with us by providing feedback on the product design and functionality.

This Website is still under construction, please stay tuned for more cool features!

Visit some of our Beta Tester Sites: